ICONCLASS demo/discussion

Vieing for a spot on the ‘absolutely last-minute proposal postings’ roster, here’s mine:

A demo and discussion of the ICONCLASS multilingual subject classification system (www.iconclass.nl)

This system might be known to students of Art History and hard-core classification library science geeks, but it has applicability to other fields in cultural heritage. Originally conceived for use by Art History Prof Henri van de Waal in the Netherlands, it has matured over the past 40 years and is in use internationally. Over the past few years we have made several new digital editions, software tools and have applied it to diverse other fields including textual content. In the near future we will be making a brand-new ‘illustrated’ version public, and hope to also make it a Linked Data node.

A session showing what it is and how to use it, or a more advanced discussion on thematic classification is possible, depending on feedback.

One Response to “ICONCLASS demo/discussion”

  1. Kevin Ashley Says:

    I’ve been fascinated by the potential for retrieval and comparison that ICONCLASS offers ever since I first encountered it in the 1990s. We’re hoping to apply it to the classification of archival image collections and I know there are research projects using it along with other classification schemes and semantic web tools for the Europeana material (www.europeana.eu/)

    You’ve been doing great work to make ICONCLASS more reusable, Etienee. Hope the demo/discussion goes well and generates the interest it deserves.