Omeka for an Education Dept.

I’m worried this sounds a little boring compared to everyone else’s topics, but here goes!

I would be interested in talking about using Omeka in a somewhat un-likely way — to develop an archive of materials for a museum education department. The archive/”collection” would primarily include images and video of our programs and participants.

I am currentlybuilding two sites that primarily use the exhibit builder functionality of Omeka (not the collections functionality), but I would be interested in extending our use of Omeka to include creating an archive of department material and enabling some of the interactive features of Omeka like the Contribute plugin and “My Omeka.”

2 Responses to “Omeka for an Education Dept.”

  1. Arden Kirkland Says:

    It’s not boring to me! I’m also exploring Omeka and seeing a great potential for use in education. I started looking at Omeka thinking it would simplify some of the types of projects I have students doing already – but now I’m continuing to brainstorm beyond that, imagining new and more exciting kinds of interactions. The playdate should open up even more ideas for us to discuss . . .

  2. Megan Brett Says:

    I’d definitely be interested. The ed. department people here aren’t very tech savvy, but one of my apparent roles is helping the museums department become more present online (as users and contributors).