Museum & University: Creating Content Together

Are others interested in discussing strategies for bringing museums and colleges/universities together to create content? In my field, art history, graduate students chose either a curatorial or a teaching path and rarely look back. Of course a professor and curator may share a particular interest and collaborate, but these are isolated instances. Wouldn’t our students and museum visitors be better served if collaborations were on-going? Can the ease with which we now publish high quality images, audio, video, and text be used to coax institutions beyond their cloistered walls?

5 Responses to “Museum & University: Creating Content Together”

  1. Arden Kirkland Says:

    Yes! (my answer to all 3 of your questions)

  2. drszucker Says:

    Hi Arden,
    I just read your post and looked at the terrific Digital Objects site. Thanks for reaching out. Btw, I work at FIT, so, not surprisingly, am quite interested in your project.

  3. Tom Scheinfeldt Says:

    Would love to join this discussion. Count me in.

  4. Megan Brett Says:

    Count me in as well – we have a fairly good relationship with at least two nearby Universities, but mostly on an email/visit basis. I’m very interested in breaking down the walls between “acadaemic” and “public” historians.

  5. lisagrimm Says:

    I’m also quite interested in this – and I just discovered yesterday we might have been ‘volunteered’ for a statewide project exactly along these lines. Hearing some other perspectives will be very helpful as we start to work out how to structure things.