Omeka playdate open to THATCampers

The Friday before THATCamp (June 26th) we’ll be holding an Omeka “playdate” that’s open to campers and anyone else who would like to attend. Interested in learning more about Omeka? Already using Omeka and want to learn how to edit a theme? Want to build a plugin or have advanced uses for the software? This workshop is a hands-on opportunity to break into groups of similar users, meet the development and outreach teams, and spend the part of the day hanging around CHNM.

We’ve increased the number of open spots, and would love to see some THATCampers sign up as well. If you plan on attending, please add you name to the wiki sign-up.  Remember to bring your laptop!

6 Responses to “Omeka playdate open to THATCampers”

  1. Larry Cebula Says:

    Great idea! Sadly I missed the announcement and it is a bit late to change my reservation… I have been teaching with Omeka this quarter but have no idea what I am really doing.

  2. Beth Harris Says:

    Perhaps we can do a shorter version of the playdate at THATcamp? Looks like I am going to miss the playdate as well… err…

  3. Dave Lester Says:

    Hi Larry and Beth,

    I’d help organize an Omeka-focused session if there was interest. We ran something similar last year, and it was a good opportunity for us to share what we’ve worked on, and to learn what people in the room were hoping to build or needed in order for the software to meet their individual needs. The majority of the Omeka team will be at THATCamp.. both developers and outreach extraordinaires, so I think we can work something out. 😀

    If there’s something in particular that you’d like to discuss or hear more about, let us know! Maybe we can hold a show-and-tell of who is using Omeka.


  4. Arden Kirkland Says:

    I’m already signed up for the playdate, and really looking forward to it! My Omeka test site really needs some more attention.

  5. Frédéric Clavert Says:


    great idea. I just subscribed to it.


  6. briancroxall Says:

    Sadly I won’t make it in time for the official playdate given my travel, but I would enjoy sitting in on a Omeka overview during the camp.

    Of course, I have yet to find a session that I’m not interested in.