Campfire Plans

Maybe this isn’t the right venue,  but sometimes it’s never too early to start talking about extracurricular activities.   What happens Saturday/Sunday night?   Will Amanda French be leading us in a round of digital humanities songs around the campfire?

8 Responses to “Campfire Plans”

  1. Dave Lester Says:


    I’m planning to commute into DC each night, but up for meeting in Fairfax if that’s where campers are staying. If we’re not singing campfire songs, does anyone know a DH drinking song?

  2. Musebrarian Says:

    I’ll be staying in Rosslyn myself and will be driving out to GMU. Happy to transport campers to other locations in-between.

  3. Eric Johnson Says:

    Burke Lake Park is only about five miles down the road, if I recall correctly, if we want an actual campfire . . .

  4. Larry Cebula Says:

    I read somewhere that beer is delicious. Can anyone confirm?

  5. patrickmj Says:


    I’m applying for an NSF grant to conduct extensive research. Some preliminary field research to establish its broader significance might be in order.

  6. Larry Cebula Says:

    Patrick, consider this my application to be your lab assistant.

    In all seriousness, it will be great to spend some social time at the end of the day. Any suggestions for locations?

  7. lisagrimm Says:

    I’m getting in Friday evening – I would be very much up for heading to Rustico on Friday or Saturday night if anyone wants to make the trek. They have an outstanding beer list and great food; I consider it an ideal place to kick around some pre- or post-unconference ideas.

    I’d also be up for something closer, of course – any suggestions?

  8. vika Says:

    I’ll be getting in on Friday evening as well, and staying in Fairfax. Not car-enabled, but willing to put my best writing brain forward in creating DH drinking songs.